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Hello and welcome to the new site!  It is my hope that it is easy to use and fun to visit. The site offers new ways to search for plants and contains updated nomenclature for many items.

I began shipping succulents 18 years ago as Squaw Mountain Gardens and at that time there were far fewer places where you could buy them. Now they are prevalent- even in your local grocery, pharmacy, and hardware stores. It makes good sense to me because they are such intriguing and beautiful plants to grow. However, there are very few places where you can obtain the wide variety of plants that I can offer. The current site contains over 1200 items including a large assortment of hardy succulents including Sempervivum, Jovibarba and Sedum. There is also an extensive selection of Haworthia/Gasteria, Echeverias, and other tender succulents.  As spring approaches, the available inventory will increase dramatically.

Despite the large number of varieties that I grow, the nursery remains relatively small. I am not trying to be the largest succulent grower in the country, but I do try to deliver a quality product at a reasonable cost. The large percentage of repeat customers tells me I am on the right path. Over the course of the last 18 years I have shipped plants to every state in the US as well as many countries around the world.  

Happy Succulent Gardening in 2019!




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