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Nursery for Sale



The original plant collection which formed the nucleus of the current nursery was accumulated  by John & Joyce Hoekstra. They were located near Estacada, OR and lived on Squaw Mt. Road. In 1983 they decided to begin selling their plants and Squaw Mountain Gardens was created.  It was well known for maintaining a large collection of Sempervivum, Jovibarba, Sedum, and other succulents as well as perennials, ferns and ivies. The nursery was maintained by the family until I purchased it in 2001. After a year or so I moved the nursery to its present location in Eagle Creek, OR. I renamed it SMG Succulents and focused solely on the succulent collection.

From 2001 up until the recession of 2009 I expanded the nursery to approximately 21,000 sq ft. of greenhouse space and roughly ½ acre of plants in the open. The primary goal was to go after the wholesale market. I engaged several sales people and attended most of the major horticultural trade shows around the country. I employed 4-5 people and rapidly increased sales with wholesale, online and international customers. I also grew Sedum for ecoroof applications and I supplied plants for many regional greenroof projects.

In 2009 the recession resulted in an overall decline in sales and  subsequent reduction in staff. I opted to discontinue wholesale and Sedum for greenroof projects and focus on internet retail orders. I have worked alone since 2009 and gradually recovered.

By 2020 I began having some physical challenges and I decided to significantly reduce the size of the operation, thinking I would continue on a smaller scale. I discontinued international sales at this point. Now after a long career in horticulture, I have decided to sell the nursery.

The current state is a mix of approximately 1000 varieties of both hardy and tender succulents. I maintain a substantial collection of shade-loving Haworthia and Gasteria which complement the hardy plants as well as the Echeveria/other tender plants. I only sell online and the only advertising is via Bing & Google ads. The hardy plants are now grown in one 20’ x 100’ greenhouse and the tender plants in two 20’ x 60’ heated greenhouses. 

This specialty nursery is well positioned to take advantage of the huge interest in ecofriendly succulents and how they are playing a role in a warming world. I maintain a substantial number of repeat customers. Because of its current size the nursery has the potential of being a home-based backyard nursery (mail order or craft), reentering the greenroof market, developing xeriscape opportunities, retail shop, or wholesale. International sales have proven to be lucrative. I believe there are several untapped marketing and promotional moves that could easily be exploited such as social media and local events. 
The nursery is a turnkey operation as is and I am currently shipping orders. The nursery must be relocated, however, the timeframe is flexible.

The price I am asking for the nursery includes the following:

Plant Inventory (approximately 37,000 plants) which includes Sempervivum (~450 varieties), Jovibarba (~165 varieties), hardy Sedum (~55 varieties), Haworthia (~200 varieties, Gasteria (~55 varieties), Echeveria (~50 varieties), and assorted tender succulents (~75 varieties). This includes containers with leaf cuttings, plantlets, stock plants as well as saleable plants.

Sempervivum 2 1/4" pots


Jovibarba rollers 2 1/4" pots



Jovibarba heuffelii 2 1/4" pots


Hardy Sedum stock plants


Haworthia 2 1/4" pots


Gasteria 2 1/4" pots




Echeveria/other tender succulents




One 96ft x 20ft greenhouse which includes 17 1 3/8" hoops, 96 ft run of purlin, and 4 corner braces (no sides or feet)

Two 60ft x 20ft greenhouses. One house has nine 1 5/8" hoops and 6 ft sidewalls, 60 ft. purlin and 4 corner braces. The second house has eleven 1 5/8" hoops with 4 ft. sidewalls, 60 ft purlin, and 4 corner braces. Each house contains a Dayton 20,000 btu propane heater.

 96ft x 20ft Hardy Plant house96' Hardy plant house

60' x 20' 4ft sidewall


60ft x 20ft 6' sidewall


Propane heaters


Kubota tractor- B7100HST with 1630 scoop. 1400 hours

2 Carts, fertilizer, peat pots, some bags of potting soil also available.


Assorted pots/flats

Approx 20K 3.5" g\Gage pots, 2.5K 4" Gage pots, Assorted Anderson propagation flats and 17" square mesh (good condition)

 Wooden benches/Blocks

33 benches (6' and 8') and blocks to support them.


Asking price for all:  $125K

I am willing to sell the entire package, or the complete inventory with website/domain as a turnkey operation. Please do not contact me if you only have an interest in specific plants or other items. Respond to Don via email only- no calls. (